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    • Active dermatology solution for the care of spots and other symptoms of acne.
    • Drug free and safe to use.
    • 30ml.



• SEQuaderma™ Acne Prone Skin clears sebum present towards a normal level. It has been also shown to reduce blackheads and to help improve the general skin condition of acne-prone areas.

• The reduction in excess sebum (that causes the condition) removes the nutrient source for bacteria and can help prevent new outbreaks of spots.

• Being drug free, this product can be used on its own or between courses of drug treatments when the user might otherwise be exposed to relapses. It will not compromise any medication and is suitable for those who may be using pharmaceuticals to manage multiple conditions. 

• It has been developed and tested by dermatologists and is suitable for long-term use.


Mode of Action

• SEQuaderma™ reduces the excess sebum on the skin, a primary cause of acne, by improving lymph clearance and flushing. A 30–50% sebum reduction has been shown to correlate with reduced acne symptoms4. By removing the bacteria’s nutrient source, it can also decrease the number of bacteria present on the skin which can reduce infection and spots. 

• By providing hydration and supplementing the skin, SEQuaderma™ also supports the skin’s natural recovery processes.



In a clinical study, after 3 weeks of SEQuaderma™ treatment5
        • Symptoms were improved in over 70% of patients with acne according to their doctors. 
        • Over 80% of patients felt that their symptoms had improved with treatment. 

A second cosmetic study demonstrated that6
        • Oil levels were reduced by:   – 21% after 1 week   – 55% after 3 weeks 
        • The number of blackheads and whiteheads was reduced by:   – 50% at 1 week   – more than 86% after 3 weeks 
        • Spots:   – were reduced by 93% at 1 week   – were virtually cleared (reduced by 98%) by 3 weeks 

This study included a self-perception study and 102 subjects completed the Self Perception Questionnaire. These subjects with acne-prone skin used SEQuaderma™ for 3 weeks and: 
        • 82% reported less painful spots 
        • 80% said they had less shiny skin 
        • 76% felt their blackheads were reduced 
        • 75% reported less swollen spots 
        • 75% found they had no spot recurrence 
        • 75% reported less greasy skin 
        • 78% reported less oily skin 



Aqua, Phosphatidylcholine, Alcohol, Glycerin, Methylcellulose, Polysorbate 80, Disodium phosphate, Benzyl alcohol, Chlorhexidine digluconate, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Citric acid, Linalool, Zinc stearate, BHA. 


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5 Luger T, Rother M. Both ketoprofen in transfersome (IDEA-070) and drug-free vehicle (TDT 070) improved symptoms in patients with inflammatory skin conditions. J Invest Dermatol 2013;133:S159–S190 (Abstract 955 and poster presentation).
6 An in-use study in healthy volunteers to investigate the anti-spot efficacy of two test articles, using objective and subjective assessments. Princeton Consumer Research Report; PROSEB1, 4 May 2015.